About our client

Maggie Rodriguez  First came to us in March of 2020 hoping to increase the production Value of her weekly internet show, "Hermiston Happenings". This soon transformed into us helping her to develop her own brand as real estate agent. Soon after we took on photographing and videoing her new listings helping here to distinguish her self with high quality online content for the viewing experience of potential buyers.

Life style home video

We were tasked with creating a 'Life Style Video' that could highlight living on a self sufficient farm. This video was meant to target people wanting a change in life style. We wanted to tell the story of "Smith's Tiny Farm" , highlighting key aspects of there journey, to prove that any average Joe can have this way of life if its what they so desire!
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Realestate Video

We've created many videos helping buyers to view homes during this difficult pandemic. These videos have helped Maggie stand out as agent who offers modern marketing techniques to sell homes. Video helps to make the online experience of viewing homes more immersive. Using our video techniques we make the house touring do-able from home!
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Hermiston Happenings

She took to social media creating a weekly show called Hermiston happenings where she interviewed local businesses helping them to get more traction, and increasing awareness of the towns opportunities for the people who may be on the fence about moving here.  Due too Covid-19 we have temporarily halted these weekly videos.
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