Video Production/Graphic Design/Brand Design

Bright Real Estate

The first objective we wanted to tackle was the logo design and we went straight to brainstorming Below you can see the very first stage of my very messy creative process .There were many more pages of these sketches / Variations however we thought it best to save your eyes.

Client: Maggie Rodriguez

During The Development

We also started doing real estate videos for our client and are currently shooting commercials showcasing local businesses. These videos inform new home buyers on local business and what the area has to offer. Our goals for her production were as follows.

  • Increase the quality of the videos
  • Have clear audio
  • Make the videos give off a warm, friendly tone to represent the personality of Maggie
  • Tell the stories of the local business
Below are some videos that we've produced for our client.
So while we were shooting these videos we finished the logo design! We gave our client the final renditions and ultimately decided on a design.

It only took about two weeks of brainstorming, sketching, and developing and we were finished..or so we thought. Our client wanted to change direction and choose a new name "Bright Real Estate". Nonetheless, we are more than happy to continue working with Maggie and for us it allows us to display work that can be improved from the previous attempt also it gives us the opportunity to continue learning our craft and improve. We are still currently shooting Real Estate Videos and shooting commercials for our client and will update this post when we create "Bright Real Estate".